Three Easy Steps to Writing a Good Travel Article

Whether you’re a world-traveler or navigate the globe from your computer keyboard, the keys to writing a good travel article are the same. Knowing who your readers will help, as will familiarity with the destination(s) and its climate, terrain, lodging, food, activities, etc. Lastly, being able to word your article in a way that entices travelers to visit will sell your work.

Targeting a market for your article is as easy as checking the subscription data for the publication you’re submitting to. If the publication is marketed to seniors, families or other special interest groups, focus on things they will want to read about.

Even if you’ve never visited a country or city, you can still write knowledgeably about it, as long as you are thorough in your research. Lay out your article so that you give your readers and overview of the destination and an idea of what it looks like and what sort of activities they might enjoy it offers. Give some particulars about lodging and dining, as such things are needful for all travelers, but don’t get bogged down in too much detail. Please note, if you have not visited in person, do not pretend to have done so. Simply write without any personal reference.

People who read travel articles do so because they are interested in destinations to visit or dream about. Your ability to pen a short, entertaining article focusing on a place that appeals to their tastes can ensure you have readership and, therefore, a better chance of being published.

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